Bell County, TX (FOX 44) — Fall sports are in full swing and athletic trainers are manning the fort to keep students safe on the playing field.

Delicia Benie is a student athletic trainer at Killeen High School and says she’s constantly building her relationship with athletes to know when they need help.

“We got to learn building relationships with the athletes and that helped us learn how they act if they’re injured or not,” said Benie.

Benie grew up playing sports, but after an injury, she transitioned into training to stay in the game.

“We take our first aid and CPR classes and we become certified,” said Benie.

Learning medical basics, Benie helps the athletes with conditioning, strength training and field supervision.

“They need to tell us if they had any previous conditions. They need to provide their physicals and tell us if they are feeling anything,” said Benie.

Lake Belton High School campus athletic coordinator Brian Cope says sport injuries are wide ranging.

“Soft tissue injuries from hamstring to quad I think are our main ones. You also have overuse injuries because sometimes you just try to go too far, too fast, too early in the season,” said Cope.

Two athletic trainers are at Lake Belton High School.

Cope says its a full commitment to keep students safe.

“They’re here every morning, 45 minutes before the first practice, so they’re here to be able to see any of our kids. We also have ice bath that we create after practice to allow our kids to cool their body temperature down,” said Cope.

To prevent cramps, Benie and Cope say they make sure to keep athletes hydrated.