TEXAS (FOX/KWKT) — For those who have yet to file their taxes, the clock is ticking.

April 18th, before midnight, is the last chance to file taxes without facing costly penalties or receiving unwanted attention from the IRS.

Although we are in the final hours of tax filing season, Jackson Hewitt Tax Services Chief Tax Information Officer Mark Steber, promises you still have time.

“The worst thing you can do, ignore the deadline. The second worst thing you can do is not even file that simple extension and say you owe money but not pay. See a tax pro. They can help you understand what your options are, what your rights are. But if you miss the deadline, you’ll have less options on all the different choices that you have,” said Steber.

Steber also suggests these three things:

  1. For those who owe and cannot pay that amount right away, you can file for an extension.
  2. If you are in need of assistance, there is plenty of help offered from both local and online resources.
  3. Getting your documents organized and having a plan in place speeds up the process.

Ultimately, missing the filing deadline is not an option.