New Bill Requires Women to Register for Military Draft


A new defense policy bill requiring women to register for the military draft has been pushed to the next level.

The Armed Services Committee backed the provision on Wednesday night, but it only passed through by a 32-30 margin. Now, the House will vote on the bill next month.

The real kicker with this bill is that the proposal’s author, California Representative Duncan Hunter, didn’t even back it.

Representative Hunter said the proposal’s purpose was more or less designed to force conversation about a woman’s role in the military.
Now, 13th District Congressman and committee chairman Mac Thornberry said there are many questions that need to be answered about the draft and registration.

“So that we have a fuller picture of the draft, and what it would mean to keep it, to do away with it, to include females in it, to try to have that broader picture,” he said.

Although Congressman Thornberry voted against the proposal the bill, he said that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s opposed to it; he said he needs more information on the future of the draft before offering a strong opinion on required registration.

“I don’t know what all the answers are, but I do think it’s up to us, it is up to us to decide,” he said.

However, women at MSU do have strong opinions on the matter, saying it’s not only threatening to American family life for women to be required to register, but even for men, who have been required to do so for decades.

“Kids rely on their mothers a lot more, and if you force women to go out, kids not only lose their father, but they use their mother as well,” sophomore Madison Brechbuhl said. “I just feel like that would cause a lot of broken homes.”

“I don’t think anybody should be required to do anything they don’t want to do,” sophomore Emmily Oduong said. “It should be equal, I think so.”

The United States has not had a military draft since 1973 in the Vietnam War Era, but all men must register with the selective service systems within 30 days of turning 18.

However, the bill may be obsolete; NBC News reports that military leaders maintain that the all-volunteer force is working and the nation is not returning to the draft.

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