WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — There’s a New York City non-profit aiming to ship thousands of books all across the nation for free!

“There’s something magical that happens when a child has a book in their hands,” Hindi’s Libraries Co-Founder Leslie Gang said.

That’s why Leslie Gang and the volunteers at Hindi’ s Libraries are working hard to put books into the hands of thousands of little learners.

“We’re working with DHL E-Commerce Solutions to ship over one thousand books individually to families across the country, featuring characters of color. These books and more have been donated by Disney Publishing,” Gang said.

The books educate children on black leaders and movements that shaped today’s world.

“This allows a mom, a dad a teacher, a big brother to fill out a form to ask for a book from us which is so great that we are able to go out now directly and send these books out throughout the month of February,” Gang said.

Hindi’ s Libraries started back in 2019, In honor of Leslie’ s late friend Dr. Hindi Krinsky. Leslie says she was a true bookworm and in her memory, she reminds kids they too can achieve big things. Advice that’ s easy to believe when coming from someone who looks like you.

“Children need to see themselves represented in the books they read, the more diverse reads were able to deliver the better,” Gang said.

Because opening a book, unlocks a world of possibilities

“Children who read and who are literate and parents who read to them, they contribute so much to their success academically, socially, within their profession these are the basics, you can’t be financially literate if you’re not literate and there’s something about disconnecting from technology taking away from that Kindle and holding a physical book.”

To sign up to receive free books from Hindi’s Libraries, click here. To find out how you can donate to Hindi’s libraries, click here.