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What if there was a magic pill, potion or shake which could cure or prevent you from getting cancer?

Several diet crazes claim to cure or keep away cancer. But can you really eat your way to good health?

There are a number of books and websites on how to cure cancer naturally selling you the “secret” to things you should eat to starve off cancer.

One Mid-South man says he beat cancer without chemo and then wrote a book about it.

Chris Wark recently released a book called Chris Beat Cancer.

“I had sort of an internal resistance to chemotherapy. For me I didn’t feel it was the right decision,” said Wark.

The Germantown resident was just 26 when he was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Instead of going through chemotherapy, he went the natural route.

“Chemotherapy has a lot of risks and the biggest tragedy I think is patients are rushed into treatment before they understand what those risks are and whether the treatment is likely to cure them,” said Wark. “I was eating tons of junk food, fast food, processed food, tons of meat and dairy… eating the diet that causes colon cancer, and so I just knew I’ve got to change my whole life.”

Wark began making his own fruit and vegetable juice and eating massive amounts of vegetables.

“My thought was if I’m not going to chemotherapy I’m going to overdose on nutrition. I’m going to give my body everything it needs anything it can possibly use to repair regenerate detoxify,” said Wark.

In his book he lays out a comprehensive plan for healing naturally.

At the center of it: juicing, exercising, and eating a plant-based diet.

“I’ve seen a lot of people heal cancer naturally, and there are so many common threads in those stories,” said Wark.

Sara Estabrook is a local oncological nutritionist. She specializes in nutrition for cancer patients. When the Local I-team asked Estabrook if cancer could be cured with food, she replied, ”We can certainly improve our outcomes with it if you are eating a plant-based diet. Research shows you are going to have a better outcome than if you are eating a diet that is highly inflammatory.”

When it comes to curing cancer with food alone? Estabrook is skeptical, saying, “The research is just not there, at least not now, that you can cure your cancer with food alone. But as I said, you can certainly improve your outcomes.”

Estabrook says relying solely on alternative treatments in lieu of standard cancer care can put patients at risk.

“In some situations, I’ve seen where the patient has died because they had delayed treatment for so long,” said Estabrook.

“I’m not against chemo. There are certain cancers that chemo is very effective for and there’s others where it really isn’t, but most patients really don’t know the difference,” said Wark.

Wark says he isn’t trying to convince people not to be treated with chemo. his goal is to empower them.

“It’s important that people not get rushed into treatments that are potentially life threatening and harmful that they don’t understand. they need to make an informed decision,” said Wark. “So, my big message is to help people understand your choices matter, like what you put in your body matters. What you eat matters.”

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