No indictment in Heath Hodges shooting death


Officials with the 100th Judicial District Attorney’s office say a Foard County Grand Jury has no-billed Foard County Chief Deputy Perry Shaw in connection with the death of 35-year-old Heath Hodges who was killed on December 30th.

No arrests were made and no charges apparently will be filed. Officials with the DA’s office say the reason for the length of the investigation is due to the time necessary to secure all relevant materials for the grand jury’s consideration.

In March, we reported that a Texas Ranger said Foard County Sheriff Mike Brown was told by the Hardeman County dispatch about a man with a gun at a home on North Main Street in Crowell.

Sheriff Brown says Chief Deputy Perry Shaw was already headed to the scene and that he would follow. On his way there– Sheriff Brown says he got a call from Deputy Shaw saying shots had been fired.

The report states that when Sheriff Brown arrived, he found a white male, later identified as Hodges, shot. He also says, first responders were called and attempted to revive Hodges but he died before getting to the hospital.

The next day — Sheriff Brown says Deputy Shaw told him that after arriving he was involved in a shooting inside the residence. The remainder of the report was redacted.

Chief deputy shaw was placed on administrative leave, but he was back on the job in late March

The grand jury process in the State of Texas is fundamental to all felony prosecutions.  While that proceeding is secret, and I cannot discuss what evidence is presented, after the presentation was completed the Foard County Grand Jury deliberated on the case against Foard County Chief Deputy Perry Shaw and that case was no billed.  Accordingly, no arrests were made and no charges will be filed.


These cases are very serious and sensitive in nature.  On one hand, you have grieving family members of the deceased; on the other, you have a person who  used deadly force ultimately resulting in someone’s death.  Each investigation is unique and some take longer than others. The determining factor is often, as was the case here, the time necessary to secure all relevant materials for the grand jury’s consideration.  I commend the Texas Ranger Division and their thorough investigation.  Ranger Mike Smith, the lead investigator, is very experienced in these particular types of cases.  Rangers Jake Weaver and Wayne Buxton assisted Ranger Smith in the collection of evidence in this officer-involved shooting.  Their exhaustive investigation ultimately led to the grand jury’s decision.

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