18-year-old Caleb Diehl from Nocona has been missing for three months and family and friends say they’re not giving up hope.

Officials with the Nocona Police Department say Diehl lives in Grapevine with his sister but was visiting his mom in his hometown of Nocona on March 30th.

He says Diehl borrowed a truck on that Monday afternoon, and it turned back up on that Wednesday, but Diehl did not.

“We just are waiting. Every day it’s just waiting. You know, I know the police have been working pretty hard,” Caleb’s mom Tami Diehl said.

Diehl’s mother Tami says the truck belonged to a family friend, who she says police now believe may have been involved in Caleb’s disappearance.

“Every day you know they’re working on it. We don’t know a lot of what they’re working on. They’re just working on it and they’re making sure they’re doing it just right. But in the meantime we just want Caleb home,” Tami said. 

Through all of the waiting she says the community has been there for support.

“It was amazing. In one evening, the town had blue ribbons everywhere. And we had signs, and everybody constantly reminds me that we’re not going to give up,” Tami said. 

“Everyone that lives here, I mean everyone’s looking, everyone’s watching, everyone’s coming up to us, people that I don’t even know personally are coming up and saying what do you know what can we do,” Caleb’s sister Aly Forster said.

Family members want to remind everyone that every Thursday night at 8 p.m. they have prayer meetings at the downtown Nocona park.