Oklahoma photographer captures special moments in animal’s lives

WALTERS (KFDX/KJTL) — It can be a challenge finding the right photographer to capture those special moments in your life, such as your wedding or maternity photoshoots. But what about your furry friend’s special moments?

Bethany Leigh Sparks is a freelance photographer in Oklahoma, specializing in individual, couples, family and even pet photography. Sparks recently held a miniature horse maternity shoot and later captured a special wedding ceremony for chickens. Sparks said this kind of photography is worthwhile to some pet owners who want to capture those special moments in their pet’s lives, cherishing them forever.

“Animals just in general don’t live as long, so I mean you’re gonna have that to look back at in a few years when they may not be with you,” Sparks said.

What came from a funny animal photoshoot she saw on Facebook has now become an idea for a whole new realm of photography. Photography she hopes others can appreciate or simply use to brighten up the day.