OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma kidnapping case is taking the world by storm after it was put back in the spotlight by Netflix.

In 1990, Oklahoma City police began searching for the driver of a car who hit and killed 22-year-old Tonya Dawn Hughes.

She was found on the side of a highway service road by a bystander, and was rushed to a nearby hospital. However, she died from her injuries.

Following her death, secrets and lies are revealed that put everything investigators thought they knew into question.

A new Netflix documentary details the bizarre twists and turns of the case that gripped Oklahomans for years.

Investigators take viewers down the rabbit hole as they searched for the true identity of Tonya Hughes and investigated the kidnapping of her 6-year-old son, Michael.

The kidnapping made headlines across the state after a man walked into the elementary school in Choctaw, which is about 20 miles from Oklahoma City, with a gun and kidnapped the boy and the school’s principal.

The principal was ultimately found tied to a tree, but Michael was nowhere to be found.

Authorities eventually determined that the suspect in the case was Tonya’s husband, Clarence Hughes.

As information and tips poured in to the FBI, they soon realized that Clarence Hughes wasn’t who they thought he was.

As it turns out, Clarence Hughes was an alias for Franklin Delano Floyd, a felon. They also learned that Hughes wasn’t Tonya’s husband, but her father.

Investigators continued to search for Hughes, but something wasn’t adding up. Based on Tonya’s age and Floyd’s criminal history, they realized there was no way he could be her biological father since he was in prison at the time of her birth.

The revelation sent them on a journey that lasted more than a decade; to determine Tonya’s real identity.

FBI investigators realized that Floyd had kidnapped her when she was a child and that her real name was Suzanne Marie Sevakis.

Floyd was arrested and convicted of kidnapping and first-degree murder of one of Sevakis’ friends. He was sentenced to death.

Although he was suspected in Sevakis’ death, he was never charged. He was convicted of Michael’s kidnapping, and later admitted to shooting and killing the boy. His body has never been found.

Floyd is currently sitting on Florida’s death row. His execution date has not been set.