Panama City Police Department warns parents about meth pills that look like candy


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Panama City Police Department is warning parents about methamphetamine pills that look like candy after seizing roughly 240 grams of the pills in recent weeks.

“It’s alarming, it’s dangerous for our children. Typical drugs, you know what typical drugs look like and this does not look like your typical drug, it looks like candy,” Panama City Police Department Corporal Kristain Shaw said.

The pills are multi-colored and have different emblems printed on them, ranging from cartoon characters to superheroes. They look kid-friendly, but they are not.

Shaw said they haven’t seen something like this in the are before.

“With the borders being shut down and coronavirus, the game changes, the product changes,” Shaw said. “The individuals that are selling these products are going to sell what they get their hands on.”

Shaw said the pills are most likely being made this way to evade law enforcement, but could still end up in the wrong hands.

“At first glance it does look like a candy, a sweet tart, or what not, but I think the most important thing is don’t eat anything that’s not in a package, opened things can be dangerous,” Shaw said. “People that sell these drugs have kids, kids can get into their product and bring it to school and that could be devastating.”

Bay County resident Pam Crider was shocked when she saw the photos of the pills said she wouldn’t want her grandkids getting a hold of them.

“If one kid gets it then they could give it to more kids and it just gets passed around and there’s a lot of life that could be devastated,” Crider said.

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