For families, few things are more traumatic than having your beloved dog or cat wander off. But a few concerned pet owners are taking things into their own hands to make sure as many pets as possible find their way back home.

This is Molly Sue’s home — and she knows it.

“[My other dogs] just think she runs the place and she does a good job of it,” said owner Jan Pearce.

But if Molly Sue ever left the friendly confines of her backyard, she’d have a whole city looking for her. That’s because Pearce has brought thousands of people together for one goal: get every lost pet back home.

“I saw so many pictures every day on the internet of these sad faces of these lost pets,” Pearce said. “It just broke my heart. I couldn’t stand it and there weren’t any Facebook pages on the internet to get them back to their owners.”

The past five years, Pearce has operated the Wichita Falls Lost and Found Pets Facebook page, reuniting countless pets back with their forever homes. The page now boasts more than 6000 members and multiple administrators work day and night matching up found pets with their owner’s posts.

“This is probably the quickest way to get them reunited at home,” said page administrator Renita Pierre. “To me, this is an everyday thing because they’re family.”

That’s why we’re paying it forward to Pierce and Pierre, so they can continue to make sure these families stay together and a forever home truly is forever.

Both Pearce and Pierre say the best way to prevent your pets from getting lost is to make sure they are wearing a collar with tags and are microchipped.