McALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A Mansfield, Texas, man was arrested in McAllen this week for pretending to be a Dallas police officer, documents reveal.

Shaun Kennedy is charged with interfering with public duties and impersonating a public servant, Hidalgo County Jail records indicate.

At 1:18 a.m. Wednesday, Kennedy was outside the 80s Brewery, located at 400 W. Nolana. At the time, a McAllen police officer was speaking to a woman outside the brewery who claimed she had been assaulted and wanted to file a report.

Shaun Kennedy/Hidalgo County Jail records

The woman told police she had been punched on the left side of her face by a man and did not remember anything that happened afterward.

An offense report obtained by ValleyCentral, stated the woman had a welt on her left cheek and she appeared to be highly intoxicated.

While speaking to the victim, Kennedy approached the officer and asked, “What’s going on?” The officer replied that he was documenting an assault report and Kennedy told the officer that “she is not going to document anything,” the document stated.

He then pulled the woman away from the officer and began telling her to explain to him that nothing had happened and that she was lying about the assault. The officer stated he could hear Kennedy tell the victim that she was going to “[mess] everything up” and to tell the officer that she changed her mind about making a report.

The officer instructed Kennedy to stop speaking to the woman and allow him to finish his investigation. According to the document, Kennedy wanted the officer to “squeeze in-between [the victim] and his body.”

Kennedy was allegedly standing one foot away from the officer and when he was asked to move away for his safety, he replied, “You can’t ——- do this … come on man I’m a police officer.”

He claimed to be a Dallas police officer and said he did not have his credentials when asked to show them.

“I don’t need to show you —-,” Kennedy said when asked for his credentials.

Kennedy was placed under arrest for interfering with an investigation and admitted he was not a police officer once in handcuffs. The document states Kennedy later insisted that he never said he was a police officer and was referring to his sister who was a Dallas police officer.

Later that day Kennedy was released from the McAllen City Jail hours on a $8,500 bond.