Texas agriculture commissioner says Trump will win Texas in 2020

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(FOX) — Democrat Julian Castro claiming that his home state of Texas is within the party’s reach in 2020. Could the Lone Star State really turn blue? Texas agriculture commissioner, Sid Miller says Trump will win Texas in 2020.

Ainsley: Look at Texas. Is there a chance that it could turn blue? You have a lot of illegal immigrants that are coming up there- if they get the right to vote eventually, then they could vote for the Democrats. You’ve got Beto O’Rourke who did well, you have Julian Castro who’s resonating with the voters. What do you think?

Miller: It’s not gonna happen. Trump’s got Texas.” They said it was close last time. All the polls were wrong. He won by 10 points. He’s gonna win by a much bigger margin this time. It’s gonna be a landslide for Trump. We love Trump here. These posters are using the same old tired methods as last time. It is just not going to happen. Trump’s gonna take Texas. There’s no doubt about it.

Ainsley: If you look at approval rating, among Republicans in your state or in the state of Texas, it’s 87%. They really like president Trump. Ted Cruz got 50.9% as a senator when he ran against Beto O’Rourke. Beto got 48.3%, but that was pretty close.

Miller: Well, we’d’ve all done much better if Trump had been at the top of the Ticket. I give Beto O’Rourke credit. He did a great job campaigning against senator Cruz. But that is not the issue today. You know, Trump is the top of the ticket. None of the state-wides are out there. I go around Texas all the time campaigning for President Trump. They call me Trump’s man in Texas. Let me just tell you, Trump’s gonna win huge. He’s gonna win big league here in Texas.

Miller: Texans- we’re not gonna vote for somebody that wants to take our guns, raise our taxes, kill our babies- you know, make us get rid of our cows, shut down our oil and gas wells, and leave the border wide open, we’re not voting for that. I promise you, Trump’s gonna do well in Texas.

Miller: I don’t care what the polls say. They’re all wrong. Trump’s got this. He’s gonna win by a much larger margin than he did last time.

Miller: As I travel around the state, and I talk to people, I have not found one Texan that voted for Trump that’s not votin’ for him again. I do find a lot of people that didn’t vote for him the first time.

Ainsley: We talk about all the people from California moving to Texas so they don’t have to pay the state taxes. If you look at South Texas, a very democratic country, I used to live in San Antonio. The Castro family is very well-known there, very democratic. So people are talking about this, it’s also Bush country. A lot of people are fans of both presidents Bush’s. They are from Texas, they love Texas. Some of that crew, some conservatives don’t like the current administration.

Miller: Well the people that are moving from California are conservatives. They’re tired of what is going on in liberal California. The liberals love California, they stay.

Ainsley: That’s true.

Miller: And the conservatives flee to Texas, and the conservatives flee from other states. So the people moving in, actually help Donald Trump. As far as the Bush’s, George P. Bush, his land commissioner, he supports the president. He endorsed him. So we’re all, all the conservatives in Texas are behind our president and we wanna make sure that he wins.

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