WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – Wednesday, April 5, McNeil Middle School students and staff were welcomed with a new face as principal.

Participants in the principal for a day program took over elementary, middle, and high schools in the area, and our very own Carney Porter got to experience what it can be like to run a middle school.

“We’ll be in your classroom shortly, thank you so much. So this isn’t the usual desk you are used to seeing me sit behind every day, and that’s because I’m McNeil’s Junior High Principal for the day.” Carney Porter said.

From 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. morning news anchor Carney Porter, took her turn running a school. The first step is morning announcements.

“Good morning Mustangs, I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday, as you can tell my name is not Mrs. Bynum. First things first, let’s kick things off with something fun, tomorrow, April 6th, it is going to be pajama pants and slides a dress-up day,” Porter over the intercom said.

Porter found herself putting on different hats, as she was in and out of multiple classrooms.

“We’ve been to so many classes I mean, we’ve been to a math class, to a symphony practice, they have UIL tomorrow, band, all sorts of stuff. We watched them perform some of their songs and get that practice in, get the jitters out of the way. It’s just crazy, I remember all of those things too. It’s cool to see things incorporated into the public school systems that I wasn’t even able to enjoy or participate in. It wasn’t offered to me at their age,” Porter said.

Actual McNiel Principal Summer Bynum said the biggest takeaway from being a principal, is visibility throughout the school.

“I think maybe a lot of people think that the principal just sits around and sits in their office, and that’s not what it is. We have our trusty handy dandy radio that’s our lifeline to keep in contact, all the administrators have that. It’s a lot about being visible. That’s one of the takeaways, you have to be visible, kids want to see you out and about, you want to interact with them, and that’s the best part of the day – getting to interact with the kids.” Bynum said.

Interacting with kids is something that Bynum said Carney excelled at.

“I think she did a great job, it was fun seeing the kids come up to her and interact with her and she did great, she’s, a natural,” Bynum said.

After a long morning, all principals for the day were treated to lunch and were able to share their experiences and how their day went.