Proposition C passes while A, B, D, E, F, G fail

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Following the Wichita Falls City Election, Proposition C passes and A, B, D, E, F, G fail with all results final.

Proposition A fails

Part of Proposition A was completing parts of the Circle Trail from the aqueduct from Holliday Creek to Sikes Lake and the Ohio Street Bridge to Sheppard Airforce Base.

Proposition A was a $7.3 million project.

Wichita Falls has landed state grants that would pay for 80 percent of the trail.

If passed, the proposition would’ve help fund the 20 percent grant match.

Proposition B fails

Proposition B was a $3.1 million project that would connect the remaining trail on Lake Wichita to Barnett Road.

In addition, shoreline improvements for Lake Wichita were under the same proposition, which also has grant matches through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Proposition C passes

Proposition C is a $17.3 million dollar plan to improve Taft and Maplewood, two major roadways in the city.

In addition, Proposition C includes road work for a total of 55 residential streets and 66 high capacity roads, like Fairway Boulevard and McNiel Avenue.

Proposition D fails

The most expensive item on the Wichita Falls city ballot was a proposal for a multi-purpose city hall.

The price tag for the municipal complex was $77 million, which would house city hall, police and the fire department all in one place.The plan is/was to build the complex along 3rd and 5th Streets and Scott and Ohio. The proposal was brought up based on the city’s strategic plan.

Proposition D had a steady opposition, with the potential of businesses being relocated if passed.

Proposition E fails

Proposed improvements for MPEC facilities is/was Proposition E on the ballot. 

The $2.1 million project would have fund roof replacements, LED light installations and portable seating at Kay Yeager, among other improvements.

Proposition F fails

Proposition F, worth $1.4 million, would have funded a new sound system, curtains and lighting on the stage for Memorial Auditorium.

Proposition G fails

Proposition G looked to do more with the downtown momentum already in place.

The $21.9 million proposal sought to add beautification and streetscaping and improve infrastructure in the center of town.

The downtown proposition is one of many project advocates hope could bring new businesses downtown. Though the opposition said a property tax increase won’t help recruit companies.

If all of the seven propositions had passed, most of the project would’ve been funded within a 30 to 40-year time frame.

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