Protest on Fort Sill gathers hundreds


LAWTON (KFDX/KJTL)Hundreds of protesters from Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, California, and more joined Dream Action Oklahoma, United We Dream, and other organizations to protest, for a third time in two weeks, what they say will be the unjust detention of up to 1,400 migrant youth at Fort Sill.

In reference to the World War II imprisonment of Japanese ancestry at Fort Sill, they say to avoid repeating history, Governor of Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt, needs to not open the quote ‘concentration camps’ to the migrant youth in Fort Sill.

“We demand to the Governor of Oklahoma to stop the contracts with ICE and not open Fort Sill as a concentration camp for immigrants and we demand that he gets ICE out of Oklahoma,” Protester Felipe Rodriguez said. “We also demand to all members of Congress to close all concentration camps in our country.”

Though one woman, having been in a Russian concentration camp as a young girl and later entering the United States after the process of becoming a citizen took two years to complete, she said there is nothing regarding the border control to protest about.

“Oh, concentration camp, they have no idea what a concentration camp was in Europe,” Lawton Citizen Sue Thompson said. “To hear those people complain about them only getting three meals a day, we only got one slice of bread okay? And we were sturdy. The women had to work from sun up to sundown, piling the rock piles. There was no water, we were lucky if we got a straw sack. You know, three people slept on one.”

Concentration camp or not, protesters marched up to the gate at Fort Sill, leaving behind paper hands to represent the youth that will be transferred to the post, chanting “close the camps,” and working toward an end of modern-day separation and migrant detention sites.

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