Real IDs will be used to board airplanes


(KFDX/KJTL) — Most people have heard about the Real ID that will be needed next year to board an airplane. While most people know about it, many have yet to obtain one.

If you are a frequent flyer, you may have already seen TSA signs like these, warning you, ID requirements are changing.

If you want to board a plane, even a domestic flight a year from now, you will need one of these. A Real ID.

“As somebody who doesn’t travel often, I probably ought to have one because it will become a huge problem at the time I do want to travel,” says resident Kevin Gallagher.

And while most people have heard about the Real ID program, some have failed to act on it.

Illinois’ resident Howard Silver was asked if he knew about Real ID. “Yes, it’s a requirement of the state on the driver’s license next year, right?” says Silver.

When asked if he had one, he responded “no”.

Traveler Connie Sogul was asked if she was aware of this. She responded “yes, I was because I travel a lot and I need to have it in order to travel.

When asked if she had one yet, she responded “no, but I will get one.”

Secretary of state Jesse White says he is seeing an uptick in Real ID applications.

“A lot of people want to have that little star in the upper right-hand corner of their driver’s license or State ID to let law enforcement know that you are up to speed or your documents,” says Jesse White, Illinois secretary of state.

White’s website includes an interactive checklist for those documents, to make sure you bring everything you need with you.

The good news. A Real ID doesn’t cost any more than a regular ID. And if you are a senior citizen in the state of Illinois, a Real ID is free.

Real ID Immanuel Bolarinwa was asked if he had a Real ID. He responded by saying “yeah, I’ve got one. I have my driver’s license and I have my ID in case my driver’s license gets lost.”

Traveler Steve Phillips says, “I just heard it. I travel O’Hara fairly often and I said I better be prepared.”

And that preparation could save you time and frustration next time you head to the airport.

“I am going to have to look into it, for my family and me,” says Gallagher.

Do you need a new, real id driver’s license if you want to fly? Technically, the answer is no, if you have a passport.

If not, it may be easier, and cheaper to just make the trip down to the DPS office.

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