WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Texas teacher of the year is the highest honor the state of Texas can bestow on a teacher. Two Texoma educators joined the pool of 40 competing for this award.

“This fall, there will be 40 teachers of the year recognized for the state of Texas,” said Pat Page, Region 9 Coordinator. “They will go into competition for the national teacher of the year.”

Today, Addie Enlow and Courtney Bozeman earned their chance for the Texas teacher title.
Enlow teaches Art and the Gifted at Bowie Intermediate. Bozeman teaches math at Newcastle.
Enlow said she felt honored to receive her rewards.

“I’m just feeling very humbled because I know there’s a ton of great educators in the room and in our district and my school,” said Enlow. “I think what they’ve done here today is just celebrate all the differences teachers make and just knowing that we’re making a difference, that’s really the greatest reward.”

Pat Page served as an educator for 16 years. He joined the group to help ensure teachers gain the recognition and respect for all the good they’re doing.

“It’s just an opportunity for teachers right now to gain recognition. For me personally, it’s kind of like the culmination because all the teachers that we’re recognizing today are fantastic educators.”

Enlow and Bozeman compete for the Texas Teacher of the Year title in October.