WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Rosemont Cemetry had a shade of purple as family and friends gathered to honor Shatanya Clarke’s memory with a balloon release.

“I know Shatanya’s smiling down on us, she’s so proud, and I’m just thankful and grateful for every one. I just want to say I miss her, I love her, and, yeah. I just miss her and love her,” Shatanya’s mother Tasha Witter said.

April 14 marks one year since Shatanya passed unexpectedly, but her memory lives on strong.

Since 2018, Shatanya made a big impact on many lives. From Soups and Socks to volunteering at Booker T. Washington, Shatanya was right at home being involved in and helping this community.

“She loved non-profits so much and so when I got to report recently, anytime I did a non-profit story it was, I got to make Shatanya proud on the story. I got to make sure I do a good job, tell the story, to help these non-profits out. Anytime I see a non-profit in need, I’m like, ‘Man, Shatanya would have been all over that,'” Jaron Spor said.

For four years, Soups and Socks has fed the homeless community in Wichita Falls at Faith Mission, and in 2022, Soups and Socks fell on a special day. Shatanya’s birthday, December 10.

“We miss her a great deal. But her heart is here. All the giving that she gave when she was here with us has kind of transferred into all of our hearts,” Wichita Falls Faith Mission CEO Steve Sparks said.

Since her passing at only 27, the Shatanya Larger than Life Scholarship, which awards at least one African American female planning to major in mass communication, journalism, or public relations a scholarship to the college of their choice, reached its $5,000 goal. All through donations.

‘I know that she would just be so grateful to know that a future student is going to get an opportunity because of the mark she made,” Carney Porter said.

A mark on those she loved and community served. Her memory never fades.

“I’ve never really had somebody come in my life and just make me believe in myself more than I believe in myself,” Brandon Cooper said.

“She’s definitely changed my life just from a friend standpoint to just making sure that we constantly stay connected with our friends and our family and that we don’t miss those opportunities,” Andrea Harris said.

“Over the course of the last year, that’s something I keep thinking back on is just how genuinely nice she was. I’ll always remember Shatanya for being such a nice friend, colleague, and person,” Jalen Wells said.

“I just want to say, Shatanya I miss you so much. I don’t know. Each day I get up and I say I can’t do this, but I can hear your voice and you say mom you’re strong. You’re stronger than you think you are. You can do this,” Witter said.

A winner for the Shatanya’s Larger Than Life Scholarship will be announced in May 2023.

At the balloon release, those that spoke on camera talked about a variety of things related to Shatanya. You can watch the full unedited videos below.