Fifty-two years ago on April 3, 1964, a violent  F5 tornado swept through the north side of Wichita Falls, TX.

According to National Weather Service records, the tornado started around 2:35 pm north of the intersection of Farm Road 369 and Seymour Highway. It rapidly intensified as it traveled northeast, crossing Highway 287 into the Sunset Terrace addition, then crossing Highway 277 into the Lincoln Heights addition and eventually Sheppard Air Force Base.

7 people died in the tornado. One of those deaths occurred in a vehicle.

Damage to the City of Wichita Falls was estimated at $5 million. An additional $10 million of damage was done to Sheppard Air Force Base alone.

The tornado was on the ground for 5.6 miles with a path width of several hundred yards.

The tornado was rated an F5 by the National Weather Service on the Fujita Tornado Intensity Scale, making it the only F5 on record to hit Wichita Falls.

The Terrible Tuesday, April 10, 1079 tornado that carved a path of destruction through the south side of Wichita Falls was rated an F4.

In 2007, the Fujita Tornado Intensity Scale was revised to take into account how different structures withstood tornadoes. As of 2007, all tornadoes are rated on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.