Republican Leaders React to Trump’s Likely Candidate Nomination


From 17 Republican candidates to now one, Donald Trump stands alone as the presumptive Republican nominee in the race for the White House.

“We have a long way to go to see what this year politically is going to mean,” Rep. Mac Thornberry, 13th Dist. Congressman, said. “So if this is the way it plays out, you’ve got two nominees with very high negative ratings with a lot of concern around the country.”

“Well, I think it’s hard,” Rep. James Frank, 69th Dist. State Representative, said. “At the end of the day, I’m going to vote for Trump. It’s hard to try to support some of the things he has said. I’m hoping that he’s been playing a little bit of a character. I’m hoping there’s more to the man than what we’ve seen so far.”

Rep. Thornberry said the campaigning up until this point has been full of the unexpected.

“I have a lot of surprises about everything that has happened over the course of this presidential campaign,” Rep. Thornberry said. “It looks like it makes it assured that Mr. Trump will be the Republican nominee.”

And then the two weighed in on whether Trump is a true conservative.

“I am a little leery of these purity tests,” Rep. Thornberry said.

“He’s certainly, certainly more conservative than Clinton, who really doesn’t know the difference between the Democratic Party and socialism any more,” Rep. Frank said.

So, will Rep. Thornberry give his support to Trump if as expected, he is the only choice other than the Democrat?

“Well, I’m gonna do what I think what everybody else is — most everybody else is gonna do — and that is watch, listen and try to figure out what’s the best thing for the country. You know, I’m an American before I’m a Republican.”

Rep. Thornberry also said based on history, it is also highly unlikely for a third party or independent candidate to have success in Novebmer.

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