Rickey Foster is elected as the Mayor of Electra.

Pam Ward served as Place 4 Commissioner for three terms. Her challenger was long-time Electra retailer Rickey Foster.

Out of a total of 320 voters, 55% have elected Rickey Foster for Electra mayor. Ward received 45% of the votes.
“My plans–when I lived in Electra before, the town was very close,” Foster said. “Everybody was drawn together, they were there to help each other out and I’d like to see that happen again. I’d like to bring us back together and move forward and get over all this stuff in the past. Just bring Electra back together and help it grow. We’re getting our new school so I think that that will help. We just need some industry, some big industry.”
Pam Ward wishes the new commission the best and hopes that they continue to build a stronger community. 


In Electra, mayor Pam Ward’s term was expiring anyway but she was running for re-election to that post.
While Place 1 Commissioner, Kevin Byrd, and Place 2 Commissioner, Ricky Kelley’s fate on the commission was placed in the hands of Electra voters as well.
53% of Electra voters said yes to recall Pam Ward as mayor–47% said no.
Out of a total of 320 votes–171 of those voted to recall Byrd–149 voters said no.
More recall results tonight for Mayor Pro Tem and Place 2 City Commissioner Ricky Kelley who was elected in 2015.
Out of 316 total votes, 58% have selected to recall Kelley–42% chose no.
Both Kelley and Byrd had the option of resigning but both chose to go to a recall.
Kelley says he will continue to do what he has always done, and that is to care for his city.
“We’re going to do the same thing, this is my town,” Kelley said. “I am not going to cut-tail and run like some of the opposing people said they we’re going to do? No I’m not. This is my home. Quit all of this feuding–it’s got to stop. It’s going to destroy us.”
According to the Electra City Charter, the City Commission will appoint people to fill the terms of recalled commissioners.
While not on the agenda for the upcoming Tuesday meeting, the process for appointing will be decided by the commission at a later date.
In the race to fill the vacant Place 4 seat on the commission, retired teacher and principal Fran Davis faced the man who organized the recall petitions, Steven Staley.
Fran Davis has won the seat by receiving 166 of the 320 votes. Staley received 154 total votes.