TEXAS (NEXSTAR) – Road rage is an experience most drivers have either felt or been on the other end of, but you may be more likely to see it in some states more than others.

That’s according to a new survey from Forbes Advisor, which polled 10,000 licensed drivers – 200 from each state – to compare every state in the nation across nine key metrics. Among the metrics were the percentages of drivers who reported being forced off the road, being yelled at, or another driver leaving their vehicle to fight them.

According to that survey, Texas ranked ninth among the top 10 states with the most confrontational drivers.

Drivers in the Lone Star State stood out for being the second most likely to report rude or offensive gestures made by another driver. Additionally, Texas drivers were found to be the fourth most likely to report another driver yelling or fighting with them after exiting their vehicle.

Texas and West Virginia drivers also reported the highest percentage of drivers cutting them off on purpose at 63%.

Surveyed drivers said some main factors leading to road rage were heavy traffic, running late, feeling tired, and already feeling stressed and angry.

While road rage happened most frequently on city streets, the survey showed it also occurred on freeways or highways about 27% of the time, 15% in parking lots, 12% on intersections, and just 7% on rural roads.

The other states in the top 10 include Arizona in first place, followed by Rhode Island, West Virginia, Virginia, Oklahoma, Alabama, Connecticut, Illinois, and Ohio.

Forbes Advisor isn’t the only outlet calling out Texas drivers. In a separate report from Consumer Affairs, Beaumont, Texas ranked 14th among the worst drivers in America.

However, in that same report, three Texas cities were ranked among the top 10 cities with the safest drivers. Those cities are McKinney, Pearland, and College Station.