Satanist who is immune to ‘microwave bombardment’ demands to represent himself


WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man who is charged with sending threatening letters from jail to a judge and prosecutor went before another judge Friday morning to make his case to be allowed to represent himself in his trials.

Jeffrey Sweatt, who was arrested in December following a confrontation with an employee of a downtown meat market, filed motions in four of his cases to release his court-appointed attorney and let him handle his defense.

He also filed a motion requesting an investigator be hired for his bribery case.

Both the judge and his attorney cautioned him on the risks and consequences involved but Sweatt firmly asserted his case, and his qualifications to handle his own defense.

While rambling at times about a masonic/social security plot against him, and illegal destruction of letters he’s tried to send including to the FBI, Sweatt nonetheless was very lucid and detailed in discussions of the criminal charges and of the law and criminal procedures.

In fact, he could recite many such codes and also long criminal case numbers without referring to notes. He said he is ready to go to trial now if necessary.

He also voiced a protest for being denied access to the jail law library, and Judge Meredith Kennedy explained he has no right to access while he has an attorney, but if she approved his request, he would be given access.

Sweatt said he is willing to give up the right to appeal a decision to let him serve as his own attorney if things go bad, and he also said he will not request a standby counsel at his trial.

Sweatt asserted several times he is being “gang stocked” by the masonic conspirators and made reference to the “masonic pyramid insurance scheme.”

He said the indictments are not valid or legal because they were not filed from a legal
Process, but from “masonic hidden communication.”

In his motion to represent himself, he states he is “competent, innocent and immune to microwave bombardment”.

He at one point described himself as a satanist and that “I worship myself as my own god.”

Judge Kennedy said she would take the motions under advisement and issue her ruling later.

According to affidavits filed after his December arrest, he sent letters to Assistant District Attorney Judy Price from jail in January.

In the letters, Sweatt makes explicit requests for sex for which he demands compensation and to have his charges dropped.

Sweatt said in the letters that when Price meets his demands, he will then report her as being corrupt.

Another indictment for retaliation states Sweatt’s father reported Sweatt made threats against him and District Judge Jeff McKnight.

Sweatt’s father recorded 15 calls and turned them over to the police.

In two calls, police said Sweatt said he was going to get a gun and blow judge McKnight’s brains out and cut a deputy’s throat if he didn’t get his rights back.

Also at the jail, officers said Sweatt had smuggled a cell phone into the jail in his underwear and then in the shower, transferred it into a towel.

An officer told Sweatt to drop the towel, and said a cell phone fell out.

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