WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – On Friday, Mar. 30, local leaders gathered at the Save Jane event downtown, kicking off Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This is the third annual Save Jane event, and for five hours 3,022 John Doe’s and Jane Doe’s were read out loud. Just two years ago, the number was 2,882. That number has risen since then.

“Could be shocking and certainly heartbreaking to think that those, just to realize and I think that’s part of the impact today, whether it’s the pinwheels in the ground, or every name that is read, it’s just realizing that every one of those is a child, it represents a family, that has gone through something, probably for a child the most terrible thing they’ve been through,” Executive Director for Patsy’s House, Denise Roberts said.

Every pinwheel on the ground represents a child saved. Captain of Burkburnett Police Department, Shane Culp said without Patsy’s House, those rescues wouldn’t have been possible.

“Patsy’s house is a pivotal part of the investigation because we don’t know the whole story until we can get through Patsy’s house so that victim can give their side of the story. A lot of people don’t understand how prevalent this crime is in our community and Patsy’s house this year, we are saying John Doe or Jane Doe 3,022 times this year, people who don’t think it happens here, it does,” Captain of Burkburnett Police Department, Shane Culp said.

Locals stopped by to show their support and appreciation for organizations like Patsy’s House.

“I’m always an advocate for people that are using their voice to stand up for people that can’t use their voice and I think that this cause is wonderful, I think that this group is wonderful, so I’m always willing to show support for people that are in the community trying to make it a better place,” Attendee, Alyssa Sorensen said.

Roberts says seeing the community and their partners show up today, makes her emotional.

“To have them here today, standing here with us whether like you said, reading names, or just here or even if they couldn’t be here today in body but in spirit, just to know they support, what we do again, along with the community, it means everything to us, it brings a lot of emotion,” Roberts said.

3,022 children with a community standing and fighting alongside them.

For more information on how to help and donate to patsy’s house children’s advocacy center, click here.