The second eastside mural commissioned by the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture is complete, but this is just the beginning for the non-profit.

Located at what many know as Fly’s Gas Station,  the Harding street piece of art marks a halfway point for the Eastside Mural Project.

The success so far has even sparked conversation with Vernon officials who are looking into their own version of the Eastside Mural Project.

More than a month in the making, the Harding street mural pays tribute to children in and around the community who walk past the artwork every day.

“Colored, light, bright, imagination, it says kids and we’re proud to support this project,”  WFAAC Executive Director, Margie Reese said.

It’s called the Eastside Mural Project for a reason.”So where could we find the most concentrated area of empty walls that could also be a part of community conversation about redevelopment, bring dignity back to a neighborhood like this,”  Reese said.

As far as the one behind the paintbrush, Selena Mize says she never knew about the neighborhood, but after meeting several kids who walked by, it’s an honor. “I never would’ve thought I would’ve gotten a project like this, ever in my life, but it just kind of fell into my lap unexpectedly,” Harding street mural artist, Selena Mize said.

The idea to paint murals along empty walls has spread past Wichita Falls. Executive director, Margie Reese talked with the Vernon City Commission about the potential for some of their own.

“It’s good for us because we’re trying to clean up Vernon and make it more appealing for people to come and visit,” Vernon city manager, Marty Mangum said.

Nothing is set in stone for Vernon yet, but ideas for the potential artwork are already being thrown around. “Vernon is the hometown of Roy Orbison so we try to capitalize on that and put that out to the public,” Mangum said.

Reese said the goal of the project is to show how public art is one gap in the city, but these murals could change that.

The last two murals are set to be complete later this summer. A team of artists are working on the Wichita Falls Housing Authority building and the final piece will be painted at Beacon Lighthouse for the Blind.