FORT SILL, OKLA. (KFDX/KJTL) — Senators Roger Wicker and Markwayne Mullin both serve on the armed services committee. To better ensure they meet the needs of the armed forces, the senators toured one of the largest training facilities: Fort Sill.
“This is a fact finding trip,” said Senator Roger Wicker. “We have passed our national defense authorization act for the 61st time in the us senate.”

The Senate recently passed the NDAA. This act funds military training operations to ensure our first line of defense is the strongest.
The 170 million dollar NDAA is split up to various training facilities. Fort Sill is receiving a 5 million donation to their drone training university as well as additional funds for equipment.
“The new university is going to be working with the fire strike fires and then we also looked at some of the redundancy that they need in the power system,” said Senator Markwayne Mullin. “So we put 76 million directly in the aid in the air, four-generation backup power just in case something happens. We need to make sure we’re keeping the lights on here in fort sill.”
By going directly to bases across the county, the senators can see what the facilities may be lacking.
“So the more we can put his eyes on it, the more he can see it for himself,” said Mullin. “The easier it is, easier it is for me to advocate for our needs here down Lawton.”