Neither of the suspects who allegedly stole a pickup back in August will go to trial on their theft charges.

18-year-old Stefan Shaffer and 35-year-old Brandi Rickman were both no-billed on charges of theft of property over $2500.

Shaffer and Rickman were arrested in August after two siblings went out looking for their dad’s stolen Dodge Durango.

They spotted the truck in a church parking lot along Kemp and called the police. The siblings told police a man and woman ran from the scene when they pulled up.

Officials later found Stefan Shaffer and Brandi Rickman in the 2000 block of Buchanan and both were arrested.

Back in 2015, Shaffer was arrested for criminal mischief for his role in vandalizing Wichita Falls school buses. Police say back in 2014 he and other defendants did about $12 thousand dollars worth of damage to six school buses at the Durham School Services bus barn in Wichita Falls.