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Have you ever come home to your house being flooded because of a plumbing issue? Well, Sheppard Air Force Base trains their soldiers and airmen on how to fix these problems in the real world. 

The Army and Air Force team up at Sheppard Air Force Base, to help find where leaks are coming from in a bathroom they built from the ground up.
But this isn’t just about fixing the leaks, it’s about learning to work with the service member next to you.

“It’s important to be a team because in the field you have to rely on your battle buddy when you are in the foxhole to look after your back. Not just in the Army, Air Force, but sometimes you have to get used to working with the Air Force, Navy, or whatever peers you have,” SSGT Timothy Berger with Delta Company and the 169th Engineer Battalion said.

That’s why SSGT Berger says it’s important to have the branches train together along the way.

“When you are forced to work with an Air Force person when you went through basic training came in the AIT, advanced individual training, you have to learn to adapt to your situation. That’s what makes us such a wonderful force, military force across the world,” SSGT Berger said.

Private First Class William Robert Baker of the 160th Engineer Battalion says that teamwork helps tremendously, especially when you don’t know where your next problem is going to spring up.

“Coordinating with your partner and figuring out how you are going to go about solving the problem. Because with every booth it is kind of different there’s a lot of holes in places you didn’t expect there to be and getting the pipe where it needs to go and figuring out the correct measurements even though you thought you might have had it right you always have to add or subtract an inch,” Private First Class Baker said. 

SSGT Berger says his job as an instructor is to ensure these airmen know far more than the “skills” they will need to succeed in life.

“My goal is to not just instruct these students to be excellent plumbers but to be good citizens of our country. Because at the end of the day when we put this uniform up and we hang it up we have to be good citizens to the people that pay us to be soldiers, airmen, and sailors,” SSGT Berger said.

That lesson is key for these service members, while here at home and abroad.

The whole training for the Army last seven weeks and the Air Force is around eight weeks. 

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