Stick’s Place helps local teachers with Teacher Classroom Supply Drive



It’s almost back to school time in Texoma. And though teachers and students have spent the summer away from the classroom, teachers are busy planning for the coming school year.

Stick’s Place is lending a hand by hosting a ‘teacher classroom supply drive’ to help collect necessities for teachers.

“Yes. We have been buying our own supplies for 20 years, a lot,” John G. Tower Elementary teacher Jennifer Storey said.

Teachers often have to choose between buying school supplies or cleaning supplies. To have both, they pay out of their own pockets.

Stick’s Place’s owner is helping less coming out of pockets with the teacher supply drive.

“You know, you have the kids supply drives for all the back to school supplies and all that, but you’re not hearing anything for the teachers,” Stick’s Place owner Kim Stevens said.

However, she said it shouldn’t be just her. Stevens wants the community to recognize those who teach.

“It shouldn’t be that hard for the people who are mentoring our children, let’s take a little weight off of their shoulders so to speak and help them make their jobs a little easier,” Stevens said.

Though students are supposed to bring classroom supplies each school year, those supplies don’t usually make it very far.

“Many students cannot afford the supplies and if they do, they cannot afford to replenish the supplies mid-year,” McNeil Middle School teacher Pam Johnston said. “We run out of pencils, we run out of cleaning supplies, we run out of tissue.”

Running out isn’t an option, but running up their own bills for supplies is often the case for teachers.

“Throughout the year it adds up to $500, a thousand, there’s been years we’ve spent up to two, three thousand dollars a year,” Storey said.

Those who educate, do it for the kids, but they could use the donations.

“Teachers don’t make a lot to begin with, but they don’t teach for the money, we teach for the love of our students,” Storey said.

“I love the job, I love the kids, but we really do need the supplies to help with them,” Johnston said.

Most have been taught by someone who left a mark, now Stevens wants the community to leave a mark on those who teach.

The drive ends July 26. You can drop by Stick’s Place and donate anything from pens and pencils to cleaning supplies.

On August 2nd and 3rd, those with a teacher’s ID can swing by and collect things for their classroom.

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