The former manager of a Wichita Falls convenience store plead guilty to charges of stealing scratch-off lottery tickets, and cashing in the winning ones.

Bill Germain is charged with stealing about $7,000 worth of lottery tickets from Garrison’s Food Mart at Kemp and Kell.

Germain was sentenced Thursday morning to five years deferred adjudication, meaning if he completes his probation it will not go on his record.

He will also have to pay $7,000 back to the store.

The owner of Garrison’s told police 280 lottery tickets were stolen between September 21st and October 15th in  2015.

Police contacted a lottery commission investigator who determined that more than $40,000 had been paid out on the stolen tickets.

Police interviewed Germain and said he admitted to stealing and cashing in the tickets, and the judge ruled his confession was admissible.