Succeeding With The Keto Diet


The Keto Diet has become the latest weight-loss trend.

Some critics say the diet doesn’t have staying power, but a Houston doctor says if people with metabolic problems can be disciplined enough to maintain the diet, their health will improve.

The diet consists of almost no carbohydrates, just 20-30 grams per day. Dr. Steffanie Campbell, with Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, says the average American has about 40 grams per meal.

Instead of carbohydrates, the keto encourages a lot of fattening foods. Believe it or not, foods like sausage, eggs, ranch dressing, and cheese are helping people like jiu-jitsu trainer Michael Tracy lose weight.

“I was at 228 pounds, this morning I’m at 204 pounds,” Tracy says, noting he accomplished the weight loss in a little over two months.

More importantly, researchers are amazed by studies indicating the keto diet is helping people lower insulin, eliminate seizures and control symptoms of illnesses including PCOS, migraines and in a very small study, autism.

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