Tech Talker: Getting the most from your wireless network


(NBC News)  The COVID-19 pandemic is changing day-to-day lives, and putting a strain on wireless networks.

The home has become a school, office, gym, movie theater and arcade all under one roof.

Verizon says mobile and online traffic have been booming since Americans started to self-isolate.

“Our fiber broadband network, the usage on that network is up nearly 40 percent,” says Verizon Chief Technology Officer Kyle Malady.

Dramatic surges in games and streaming video could mean extra pressure on home networks, potentially leading to slowdowns and dropouts.

That takes a toll on others trying to work or participate in online classes.

To optimize your WiFi, start by tweaking the settings on your router.

“Enable a setting called prioritization or quality of service or QOS,” says Nicholas De Leon of Consumer Reports.

Think of it as priority boarding for your internet.  Parents working from home can get priority over kids playing video games.

You may also want to check in with your internet service provider.

Many are now offering free upgrades and eliminating data caps

“It’s really just a matter of giving them a call and seeing seeing what sort of arrangement you work out,” De Leon says. 

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