A proposed law could save Texas families a lot of money when buying diapers. In a recent survey, mothers reported a diaper shortage of 12 diapers in just one week. In a month, that adds up to 50 diapers they don’t have, that they need for their child.
House Bill 221 would make all diapers for children and adults tax free in the Lone Star State. The tax of 8.25 percent may not sound like a lot but when every penny counts, it could be a life-saver.
“When a family spends a $1000 dollars per year per child for diapers alone, that could be a huge savings for them,” Beverly Hamilton, Austin Diaper Bank Founder:
Hamilton says eliminating the state sales tax would allow families to buy 12 more diapers each month. 
This bill would also make adult diapers, pads and guards tax free. See the entire bill here.