DALLAS (KFDX/KJTL) — After 50 years of owning and producing Texas Country Reporter, Bob and Kelli Phillips have sold their production company to Texas Monthly magazine.

The wildly successful travel show, which airs on KFDX TV on Sunday nights after the 10 p.m. news, will continue to be hosted by Bob and Kelli Phillips for at least two more years.

In a news release from Texas Monthly’s media department on Monday, the state’s premiere travel magazine announced that they had reached an agreement to take over Phillips Productions and ownership of the Texas Country Reporter program.

Phillips Productions is based in Dallas and employs nine full-time photographers, producers, and editors. Texas Country Reporter is broadcast to 235,000 households weekly across the entire state of Texas.

Bob Phillips, who has produced the show since its inception, said “We’re delighted that we’ve found a new owner who is committed to quality storytelling about our state, and will take good care of our baby.”

Texas Monthly has indicated that it will continue to employ the staff of Phillips Productions once the deal closes.