HOUSTON (KIAH) — While Florida is bracing for major impacts from Hurricane Ian, Texas and other parts of the South will be enjoying an indirect impact in the form of drier and cooler air.

CW39 Futurecast Wednesday afternoon

In the Northern Hemisphere (where we are), winds swirl counter-clockwise around low pressure, and Hurricane Ian is a very powerful low. In fact, between low pressure in Florida and high pressure to the north, the large difference in pressure creates gusty winds. In this case, those winds will blow towards Texas from the northeast.

CW39 forecast winds Wednesday

This will bring an additional surge of drier air late in the week. When the air is dry, it can efficiently cool during the night, resulting in borderline chilly sunrise temperatures for Houston.

European model forecast temperatures Friday morning

By Friday morning, Southeast and East Texas could be facing lows in the 50s. Assuming we drop below 60 in Houston, it’ll be the coolest since April.