Texas Sues Over Obama Administration Transgender Bathroom Directive


The state of Texas, along with ten other states, filed a lawsuit against an Obama administration transgender bathroom directive — in order to ‘protect’ a Texoma school district. 

Around two weeks ago, the Obama administration issued a directive requiring all public school districts to allow students to use bathrooms of the gender they identify with. This directive is not a law, but it is many say it is a possibility that school districts, who do not comply, could lose funding. 

On Monday, the Harrold ISD’s board went against the Obama administration’s directive relating to the bathroom use by students. 

“So to avoid any other inconveniences to security, dignity of our students and what that means is…. our policy is simply to say…. what’s based on their birth certificate – sex at birth – they would use the appropriate restroom for that particular sex,” Harrold ISD Superintendent, David Thweatt, said. 

Early Wednesday afternoon in Austin, the state’s attorney general, Ken Paxton, announced Texas is filing a lawsuit against the administration’s directive. 

“We’re taking this action to protect Harrold Independent School District, which on Monday night, fulfilled a responsibility to their community by adopting a bathroom policy that puts the safety of their students first,” Paxton said. 

Paxton said Harrold’s school board also included accommodations for special circumstances with students on a quote: ‘case by case basis.’

“The Obama administrations is unlawfully intruding on local matters by imposing the one size fits all decree for Texas schools. Washington’s mandate doesn’t fit our schools, so we are suing to keep the federal government out of our children’s locker rooms and restrooms,” Thweatt said. 

This is not the first time the Harrold school board has been at the center of controversial policies. Six years ago, the officials approved a plan that allows school personnel with proper training to carry a concealed weapon on campus. 

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