AUSTIN, Texas (FOX 44) — Continued low wind-power generation and high demand for electricity will result in anticipated low operating reserves for the Texas power grid Friday afternoon and into the evening.

The Public Utility Commission (PUCT) is echoing a call from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) by asking Texans to conserve electricity use, if safe to do so, on Friday from 3 p.m. until 9 p.m. ERCOT expects these conditions to persist through the weekend because of extreme heat.

According to the PUCT, ERCOT avoided emergency operations on Thursday due to the conservation efforts by Texas residents and businesses. This is also due to timely rainfall in the Houston area, improved wind conditions and additional grid reliability tools.

ERCOT says it is not experiencing emergency conditions. Current forecasts show a potential to enter emergency operations this evening because of expected low wind-power generation and high demand. ERCOT and the PUCT will continue to closely monitor conditions throughout the day and keep the public informed through multiple communication channels.

The PUCT says that ERCOT is requesting all government agencies (including city and county offices) to implement all programs to reduce energy use at their facilities.

ERCOT continues to use additional tools to manage the grid reliably, including using reserve power, calling upon reductions by large electric customers that have volunteered to lower their energy use and bringing more generation online sooner. ERCOT is also working with out-of-state Independent System Operators (ISOs) and Market Participants to obtain additional power generation capacity.

The PUCT says that conservation is a widely-used industry tool that can help lower demand for a specific period of peak demand time, which is typically late afternoon into the evening hours.

If you are experiencing an outage at this time, it is local in nature and not related to overall grid reliability. If you need more assistance, you can contact the PUCT’s Customer Protection Division by calling 1-888-782-8477 or emailing