WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The 8th annual Texoma Gives concluded Thursday, September 7, with over $1.5 million in donations.

“It’s just a great day of giving, a great day of supporting our community, all the great non-profits in our community,” said Michael Stanford, Chairman of Texoma Gives.

Michael Stanford said it best: Since 6 a.m. on Thursday, Texoma gathered together to contribute to nonprofits within the area.

As Stanford says, this day connects people with great organizations and makes people aware of other nonprofits in the area. Downtown Wichita Falls hosted the scene for the last push of donations.

“Really, the goal is just to make sure that organizations have what they need to fulfill their missions and that we connect people with causes they care about,” said Stanford.

Last year Texoma Gives reached just under 2 million in donations. Stanford and the rest of the team hope they can hit that number or close to it this year. The biggest thing that makes the event so successful is how the community embraces the day.

“I just love to see the way our community wraps its arms around nonprofits and try to make sure they’re supported throughout the year,” said Stanford.

One local nonprofit loves this day and they say they rely on Texoma Gives to gather more volunteers to help when those pesky storms or fires strike home. Kara Nickens, the executive director of the American Red Cross, notes this day allows for the organization to operate.

“90% of our workforce are volunteers, and then the money that we are able to provide to people during disasters is provided from donations,” said Nickens.

While Texoma Gives ends tonight, both Nickens and Stanford note the nonprofits take donations all year long. To find a way to donate, click here.