Six months after five Dallas police officers were shot and killed in the line of duty, one Texoma trooper decided to take great strides to ensure those officers are never forgotten.

Trooper Chad Harden just finished his first ever marathon, the Dallas Marathon this past weekend, an event he committed himself to the day after the tragic shootings in Dallas.

He was scrolling through social media when he saw a post about the Dallas marathon.

Harden said the loss of his brothers in blue struck a chord, inspiring him to act.

“I was working that night,” he said. “Just being in the same career and knowing what they go through, it hits close to home.”

“A lot of times with these tragic events, we more remember the event rather than the people that lost their lives,” Harden continued. “So, I thought if I could do something that kept me thinking about them, in six months when the race started, I’d still be thinking about them.”

When Harden told his wife his plans to trek more than 26 miles through downtown Dallas.

“I thought he was crazy!” his wife said. “I knew he could do it. Chad is the type of person that when he decides he’s going to do something, he does it, and he doesn’t quit.”

In the end, Harden followed through on his pledge to hit the pavement.

“It was tough. It was a struggle,” he said. “But crossing the finish line and remembering them and what they sacrificed, it made it all worth it.”

Whether or not it was a struggle, Harden finished, and with a time of 4 hours and 50 minutes.