WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KTJL) — Many residents of Texoma were faced with the age-old question of whether or not aliens and UFOs exist on Sunday night after a strange object was observed floating in the sky on June 23, 2023.

Many viewers from several Texoma communities sent videos and photos to our newsroom after this object was seen Quanah, Vernon, and even in Wichita Falls.

One Wichita Falls resident, Steve Wilkinson recalls the moment he saw the strange light in the sky on Sunday night.

“The neighbors all come out and we sat out in the street and visit about the weekend and everything else,” Wilkinson said. “That’s exactly what we were doing when the little light in the sky appeared and for some reason, I grabbed my phone and videoed it.”

Wilkinson said he filmed a video of the object from his home in Wichita Falls.

“As soon as you saw it, you knew it wasn’t a plane, so I was thinking it was a falling star, and if it is it’ll be amazing to see because it’s big,” Wilkinson said.

Viewers in Vernon had a different guess on what it was.

“You know Jesus said when he came the whole world would see him come, maybe that’s him on his magic carpet,” a viewer from Vernon said.

Truth is at first, no one knew what it was, but after some research, it was discovered what the light actually might be.

According to a spokesperson with the Federal Aviation Administration, the culprit was most likely a Space-X Rocket Launch. The launch occurred on Sunday from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida.

Wilkinson said he’s not too positive that’s exactly what it was.

“You don’t have an explanation for something you’ve never seen in your life,” Wilkinson said.

People all over the country still want to know more about these flying objects. In fact, the topic is gaining so much attention, there are congressional meetings in Washington D.C. about it happening this week.

“This is something that has undoubtedly captured the publics attention for multiple administrations and it’s just time the U.S. Government answers questions,” United States Representative Jared Moskowitz said.

“This is ridiculous folks, they either do exist or they don’t exist,” United States Representative Tim Burchett said.

Now, many of us will be watching the sky a little more closely.