WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Many Wichitans are able to visit their old primary and secondary education institutions.

For three schools, this year is the last year to cherish the memories forged in the halls of high school.
“It’s emotional,” said coordinator Deb Sherman. “When you heard my song that one last time, I have your friends come together. It is emotional”

Alumni from over 60 years ago are making the trek home to relive the memory of their high school one last time. Deb Sherman and Kelli Cotton set up the multi-tiered experience to ensure that all Huskies were able to cherish the memories made at school.

“This the final year and there’s just so much tradition with the Huskies,” said Sherman. “You know, the once a husky, always a husky phrase— everybody uses that. I don’t know, unless you’re a husky, you really know what that means.”

The duo planned events friendly to all ages and ensured as much of their husky family is able to attend.

The group plans to host a dinner, dance, special events at the football game and one final walk through Hirschi High School.

“I think it’s just an emotional thing,” said Kelli Cotton. “I mean, it was such a special time in our lives and it’s just the time that we look upon fondly. We have so many memories, so many great times and great friends. To think that’s just something that’s not going to be there ever again.”

Sherman and Cotton hope all alumni join in the experience of saying goodbye to Hirschi.

The events include: pep rally, Friday at the school, 2 p.m.; Tailgate at the stadium at 5 p.m.; Picnic, Saturday at Lucy park, 11 a.m.; Dinner and dance at Delta Hotel and Convention Center at 7 p.m.