WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The 34th annual MLK Scholarship Prayer Breakfast is just a few short days away and after the pandemic impacted the event the last couple of years, organizers are excited to have the event feel normal again.

“What we’re trying to tell these kids today that if you dream, and you work hard, your dreams will come true,” MLK Center Coordinator Michael Davis said.

Strengthening communities and supporting dreams, that’s the message behind the more than three decades long Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Annual Scholarship Prayer Breakfast, a tradition that started simply because one person wanted to help somebody else.

“This is the inception of Dorothy Roberts-Burns the long time MLK worker here at the center, this was her baby, and I’m just glad that she entrusted me to carry it on a little farther,” Davis said.

The Prayer Breakfast is a great time for fellowship and of course a nice hot breakfast, but it’s bigger than what’s on the plate. What really matters most are the lives that are touched through scholarships given to local students.

“They have these dreams of going to school, so we just make sure that we try to help them along the way, I know we can’t pay for it all, but we can just put a little something to help them go along the way. Maybe purchase a book or a little bit on their tuition, so that’s what we’re trying to do trying to boost them up and let them know we are in their corner,” Davis said.

Because when you have people in your corner you can do some pretty great things, this year’s guest speaker Anngienetta Johnson is a testament to that.

“Whatever their dreams are we want to be along the way with them just like our speaker Anngienetta Johnson, from Booker T. Washington High School went on to graduate, got her master’s degree and went on to NASA, we’re just as proud as we can be to just bring her back and say Hey, I had a dream too when I started out,” Davis said.

So if you haven’t gotten a ticket yet, make some time do so, so that this event can continue changing lives for another thirty years to come.

“We just like to see old friends [and] neighbors that we haven’t seen in a while and greet and meet them and still be COVID-19 cautious, but we’re still going to make sure everybody has a great time!”

A great time for an even better cause. The Prayer Breakfast is Saturday, January 21st at the MPEC. The serving line opens at 7:30 and the program begins at 8:00 a.m. Tickets can be purchased during regular business hours at the Wichita Falls MLK center at 1100 Smith St. for more information, call the MLK center at (940) 761-7980. For more information, click here.