TEXAS (NEXSTAR) – When you’re thinking about moving to a new city, safety is probably one of the main factors you take into consideration. If Texas is one of your top states to live in, you are in luck.

Six Texas cities were highlighted as being among the safest U.S. cities to live in, according to a recent analysis.

Using the FBI data from 2021, MoneyGeek ranked the safest U.S. cities based on violent crime and property crime statistics. The crime rates were calculated per 100,000 people to compare cities across sizes.

Then, MoneyGeek ranked cities by the calculated “cost of crime,” which they define as the economic losses attributed to crime and its cost to society. Examples of such costs include the loss of property from theft, the cost of incarcerating people, and even the increased cost of home or auto insurance for individuals living in dangerous areas.

According to the study, Sugar Land, McAllen, and Pearland were among the top 15 safest cities in the country. Sugar Land had the relatively low crime cost per capita of $260, while McAllen had a $268 crime cost per capita. Pearland’s crime cost per person came out to $302.

The study also highlighted the safest large cities in the U.S., and among those analyzed, three more Texas cities made the list. El Paso ranked fourth with a crime cost per capita of $837. Ranking 12th was Arlington, and in 15th place was Austin.

MoneyGeek analyzed crime data for 263 cities, and not a single Texas city ranked among the most dangerous.

While the data paints these Texas cities in a bright light, it’s important to remember that statistics cannot tell the whole story. 

“We live in an unequal society,” Geoffrey T. Dancy, an associate professor of political science at Tulane University, told MoneyGeek. “One often overlooked indicator of that inequality is who gets to engage in the politics of safety. Those who are objectively safe often fear crime and act on it in the counterproductive policies they support. Those who are actually victimized by crime and terrorized by gun violence pay the price and are rarely heard.”

The report from MoneyGeek isn’t the only one highlighting Sugar Land. A ranking from Fortune found Sugar Land to be one of the best places to live for families. Data across categories like education, aging resources, general wellness, financial health, and livability placed the city as the 17th best city to live in.

Those interested in the full study can check out the results by clicking here.