Three people  enter guilty pleas this afternoon to a more than million dollar  gold and silver coin heist they planned  more than three years ago.

Cynthia Noble, Richard Gibbs and Russell Stallings all pleaded guilty in 89th district court to theft over $200,000. All three took plea bargains for 10 years adjudicated probation, with restitution to be determined  for each in January.

According to the affidavits, Noble provided information to Gibbs and Stallings  about a  large amount of coins in the home of a family she once lived with on Willow Bend. The homeowners discovered the coins were missing in August of 2013.

Police put the value of the  coins at around $1.3 million. Police say Noble provided the men with a garage door opener, a remote key fob that disabled the alarms and the location of a sheet of paper that had combinations of three safes and that she also told the men when the family was away from home.

Police say they found coin and metal buyers in the Metroplex who say coins were offered to them for sale. One store owner reported Stallings showed him a photo of two large tubs full of coins.