WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) Two men are charged in connection with the alleged robbery of a man who reportedly gave them a ride to an apartment complex on Monday.

Jaylon Coombes-Richardson and Brandon Curry are charged with robbery.

Just before noon Monday police responded to Highpoint Village Apartments on Professional Drive and said a man who was out of breath said he’d been robbed.

He said he’d given the suspects a ride to the apartments and when he stopped Curry got out and tried to punch him through the driver’s window and grab a fanny pack that was on the front seat.

The man said it contained more than $1,500 cash.

He said they struggled over the pack, and Coombes-Richardson then also began pulling on it from the rear seat, and yanked it clear.

He said the two then ran into the complex and he ran after them and while they were running Curry and Richardson were throwing the fanny pack back and forth to each other before dropping it and running into an apartment.

The man said he picked the pack up and it was empty.

When police arrived they went to the apartment as the tenant was arriving home.

She told them no one should be inside.

Police said they found the suspects inside a baby’s room, and found cash totaling more than $1,600 some in a baby dresser drawer and some in a clothes hamper.