UPDATE: We have more information now on why a Texas ranger believes Clay County Commissioner, Richard Keen put Precinct 4 employees in imminent danger of serious bodily injury.

The Ranger says after interviews he determined Keen pointed a gun at the employees while at work. The arrest affidavit states one employee photographed Keen last February pointing a gun at an employee as the employee tried to park a truck and that another picture of Keen shows him walking around the yard spinning the gun on his finger. 

The Texas Ranger said he was told the same thing had happened on other occasions and that Keen had even pointed an empty gun at an employee and pulled the trigger. Another employee said He saw Keen point a gun at another employee’s back as that employee walked out of Keen’s office.

Clay County Sheriff, Kenny Lemons says Commissioner Richard Keen turned himself into authorities Wednesday. The 61- year- old is charged with 3 counts of deadly conduct, a class 3 misdemeanor.

Keen was released on a 75- hundred dollar personal recognizance bond. He was elected in 2014.

Orginal Story:

A Clay County commissioner is out of jail on bond after his arrest Wednesday morning.

According to Clay County Sheriff Kenny Lemons, Richard Keen turned himself into authorities while with his attorney.

He said Keen is charged with three counts of deadly conduct, which is a class three misdemeanor. As far as the accusations against Keen, Lemons said he’s not aware because the Texas Rangers handled the investigation.

The sheriff said Keen was released on a $7,500 bond.

Keen represents precinct four in Clay County. He was elected in 2014.