Wichita Falls police have three in custody after recovering some stolen vehicles Thursday afternoon that they believe are linked to credit card theft. 
On Thursday at the Wayfarer Motel, officers arrested 28-year-old Ashley Bilyeu, 25-year-old Larry Grover and they have 33-year-old Luke King detained at the hospital, because authorities say he ate a large bag of meth before officers arrived. 
There, officers found a Nissan Altima and a Ford  F-150 pickup that were both stolen. 
Authorities say the pick up was stolen on January 27 and the Altima was stolen on Wednesday. 
On Thursday, police also found a stolen Elantra at Clinics of North Texas and were able to track the credit cards that were also stolen from that vehicle to purchases being made at the Walmart on Greenbriar and Murphy’s gas station.
Also yesterday, an officer was driving by the Wayfarer when he noticed the car and F-150. 
Based on security footage from Clinics of North Texas, officers were able to match the description of the three suspects to Bilyeu, Grover and King at the motel, they found Bilyeu and Grover hiding under furniture.
They then found king in the storage room next door, where he had kicked a hole in the wall to hide there.
No word yet on if police found those credit cards on the scene as well.