MCALLEN (KFDX/KJTL) – Vice President Mike Pence is coming back to Texas, this time to the Rio Grande Valley amid questions about conditions in facilities where immigrants are being detained.

His visit will include a tour of a processing facility for people caught crossing into the United States illegally.

As Wes Rapaport explains, he’ll also hold a roundtable discussion at a border patrol station in McAllen.

“The border patrol god bless em, are doing a heck of a job, but the agents you know are way over-taxed.” State Senator Pete Flores said.

Flores represents more than 450 miles of the border between El Paso and the Valley, he says the current system is not sustainable.

Flores said finding immigration solutions takes money and resolve.

“Resolve that we are working together towards maintaining the integrity of our borders and the quality of life in our country, while still upholding the rule of law, while still not turning a blind eye to genuine asylum,” Flores said.

Flores said more immigration judges would speed up the process.

“We don’t have enough personnel to process these claims. We need to be doing a little bit more to put money into those facilities to process people,” State Representative Alex Dominguez said

Dominguez represents the southern-most tip of Texas, what he hopes pence and other elected officials see when they visit the Rio Grande Valley.

“Vice President Pence, I believe is a great Christian man, and I believe that his heart can be open to coming down to the Rio Grande Valley or El Paso and seeing what’s down there. And he’ll see that there is a need for attention by the government.” Dominguez said.

Pence will be joined by Senator John Cornyn and other members of the senate judiciary committee.