Comanche County (KFDX/KJTL) — Texoma’s Homepage has obtained the arrest affidavit of Ryan Jones which gives more details into the alleged assault of Byard “Dakota” Moore.

Authorities said on or about June 16, Moore went to Jones’s house in Lawton.

Police said Jones’ admitted to being told Moore was going to be beaten. Jones said that he approved of the beating, but did not want his house destroyed.

Authorities said Moore was then beat with a metal object, bound with zip ties on his hands and a metal peg was placed in his mouth. Moore was then taken into another room where a plastic bag was placed over Moore’s head and tied with a bungee cord around his neck by Adrian Stallworth and Dusty Abel. Moore stopped breathing.

The affidavit goes on to state that Moore’s body was then dragged into Jones’ room, where his clothes were removed and his body was wrapped in plastic.

Jones admitted to constructing a wooden box to put Moore’s body in, according to police.

Investigators said Jones and Stallworth placed Moore’s body in the box. The box was then placed in Jones’s truck by Cody Bates and Jones. Jones, Bates and another individual then drove southwest of Lawton to a residence. At the residence, the box was removed from the truck and placed into a pit where it was covered with debris and diesel then lit on fire.

Police then said when the fire was done Jones and Bates went into Lawton. Once Jones arrived back to his house, he took some scrap wood to where Moore’s body was burned and burned the additional wood.

Jones was arrested for accessory to a felony and booked into the Comanche County Jail. Police said four others are in custody but Texoma’s Homepage has not received information on formal charges from authorities.

On August 8, Comanche County deputies found a body west of Lawton, but have yet to confirm if it is Moore.